Hindu Astronomy

Ancient Science of the Hindus


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ISBN : 9788130712215


Author : W. Brennand


Pages : 411 pp


Year of Publishing : 2012


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications


The book traces the history and growth of Hindu Astronomy from the earliest times. The brief Contents are ? Prehistoric Astronomy of the Aryan Migrating Tribes, Early Hindu Periods, the Hindu Ecliptic, the Hindu Months, etc. The Rishi Theory regarding the cause of the Planetary Motions, Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry of the Hindus, Hindu Astronomical Instruments, Early Hindu Astronomers, Rise of the Buddhist heresy, and its effects on Hindu Astronomy, Period from the restoration of the power of the Brahmins to Brahmegupta, Astronomical works of the Hindus. The book elaborately discusses the contributions of early Hindu Astronomers, viz. Parasara, Garg, Aryabhaita and Varaha Mihira. Attention is also drawn to ancient astronomical works known as siddhantas, such as, Brahma Siddhanta, Surya Siddhanta, Brihaspati Siddhanta, Garga Siddhanta, Parasara Siddhanta and Vasishta Siddhanta etc.

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