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Helping Yourself with Self-Hypnosis

A Modern Guide to Self-Improvement and Successful Living


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ISBN : 8129202444


Author : Frank S. Caprio & Joseph R. Berger


Pages : 224 pp


Year of Publishing : 2008


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books

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Self-hypnosis can bring great benefits to your life – more energy, better health, lasting peace of mind, success and happiness. The purpose of this book is to convince you – by having you prove it to yourself – that you possess certain self-hypnotic powers – that self-hypnosis can do for you the thing you want it to do. It can be a tremendous weapon at your command, enabling you to manage everyday situations wisely. That your Mind is the MASTER OF YOUR LIFE is the basic message of this book. It is founded on the proven philosophy that TO LIVE RIGHT YOU MUST THINK RIGHT. How you live is how you use your mind.

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