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Handbook of Management


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ISBN : 9788170202922


Author : Banerjee, S.


Pages : 396 pp


Year of Publishing : 1992


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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While passing through different phases of life as a student, as a consultant, as a teacher, as an implementor, I felt a need for a management guide which could cover briefly a!! aspects of managerial know¬ how in a consolidated manner. But as I could not find any such handy book, I have been left with a choice of undergoing a strenuous process to have a go-over one topic through one specific book only. This situation is absolutely un-wieldy and a very costly affair. Thus, a latent desire has grown within me over the years and as a result I started compiling topics based on ideas reflected in the works of great authors whose contributions in individual field is immense. The thoughts assimilated here are created by great thinkers. When, where and from whom I have gathered at this stage I can’t remember. But I cultivated them within me since last twenty years and now I tried here to unfold them. If my attempt is successful-credit goes to those pioneers–Druckers, Koonj, Brech, Terry, Likert, Hertszberg.

Taylor, P.C. Lal, P.W. Luther, K.C, Sahu etc. While glancing the various aspects of different management themes detailed in this book, it may be felt that an extra-emphasis has been given to man-management. I don’t deny that, and it is done deliberately. Because managing human-being is the most crucial thing that may arise during discharging of functions of management. Hence if one grasps fully the art of man-management, he is bound to be a successful manager.

I strongly feel that such a handy book on difficult but ultramodern management topics will fulfill the dreams of budding managers who are undergoing management classes as it covers all the topics normally prescribed in M.B.A. Courses.

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