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Handbook of Ethical Theory


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ISBN : 9788130700727


Author : G.S. Fullerton


Pages : 400 pp


Year of Publishing : 2002


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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PART I. The Accepted Content of Morals –
I. Is There An Accepted Content?
II. The Codes of Communities
III. The Codes Of The Moralists

Part II. Ethics as Science –
IV. The Awakening to Reflection
V. Ethical Method
VI. The Materials of Ethics
VII. The Aim of Ethics as Science

Part III. Man and His Environment –
VIII. Man’s Nature
IX. Man’s Material Environment
X. Man’s Social Environment

Part IV. The Realm of Ends –
XI. Impulse, Desire, and Will
XII. The Permanent Will
XIII. The Object in Desire and Will
XIV. Intention and Motive
XV. Feeling as Motive
XVI. Rationality and Will

Part V. The Social Will –
XVII. Characteristics of the Social Will
XVIII. Expressions of the Social Will
XIX. The Sharers in the Social Will

Part VI. The Real Social Will –
XX. The Imperfect Social Will
XXI. The Rational Social Will
XXII. The Individual and the Social Will

Part VII. The Schools of the Moralists –
XXIII. Intuitionism
XXIV. Egoism
XXV. Utilitarianism
XXVI. Nature, Perfection, Self-Realization
XXVII. The Ethics of Evolution
XXVIII. Pessimism
XXIX. Kant, Hegel and Nietzsche

Part VIII. The Ethics of the Social Will –
XXX. Aspects of the Ethics of Reason
XXXI. The Moral Law and Moral Ideals
XXXII. The Moral Concepts
XXXIII. The Ethics of the Individual
XXXIV. The Ethics of the State
XXXV. International Ethics
XXXVI. Ethics and Other Disciplines

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