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Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan

And the Struggle with the Mohammadan Power in the South


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ISBN : 8177554352


Author : L. P. Bowring


Pages : 240 pp


Year of Publishing : 2001


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

Cosmo Publications is pleased to announce the publication of this classic Series of Indian history. These books are authentic documents from the past that are as valid and as useful today as when they were written, or even more so. These are books that have come to acquire a stature which was not apparent when they were published. Edited by the leading Indologist of his time – W. W. Hunter – the titles in this series reflect some of the best biographies ever attempted. Mr. Hunter indeed made sure that the task of writing the individual title was entrusted to the most suitable person as is amply reflected by the choice of the authors for the purpose. That the titles are indeed classics is clearly demonstrated by some of the reviews we have included here.

‘The story has been often written, but never better or more concisely than here, where the father and son are depicted vividly and the whole series which is better done than this, or one which shows greater insight.’ – Daily Chronicle.

‘Mr. Bowring has been well chosen to write this memorable history, because he has had the best means of collecting it, having himself formerly been Chief Commissioner of Mysore. The account of the Mysore war is well done, and Mr. Bowring draws a stirring picture of our determined adversary.’ – Army and Navy Gazette.

‘An excellent example of compression and precision. Many volumes might be written about the long war in Mysore, and we cannot but admire the skill with which Mr. Bowring has condensed the history of the struggle…is a book as terse and concise as a book can be.’ – North British Daily Mail.

‘Mr. Bowring’s book is one of the freshest and best of a series most valuable to all interested in the concerns of the British Empire in the East.’ – English Mail.

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