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Gulzar or, The Rose-Bower

A Tale of Persia


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ISBN : 978619521568


Author : J. S. Reid


Pages :


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Impact Global Publishing Inc. USA

Excerpt from Gulzar; Or the Rose-Bower: A Tale of Persia

“It was now that season of the year when all nature seemed ready to burst forth into joy and gladness. Winter had fled, and the young buds were putting forth their tender leaves, the Earth was robing herself in her mantle of green, the song of the bulbul was heard among the young rose-leaves, the laugh of happiness came echoing along the clear breast of the river; but all brought not the smile of joy to the eye of the fading gulzar, nor the bloom of health to the cheek of the daughter of Aga. The heart of the Shah grew sad as he witnessed the decline of his beautiful and favorite child – the hope of his old age – the daughter of his loved and loving FATIMA – and he ordered proclamation to be made over all his Kingdom, announcing the sickness of the Princess, and offering a reward equal to the ransom of a”.

The book is part of a very successful series published by the American publisher, titled “Library of Great Persian Literature”, which includes English translations of some classic works in the Persian language. The complete set is in 21 Volumes.

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