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Great Books on Indian Education


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ISBN : 8170204852


Volumes : Set in 18 Volumes


Author : Several


Pages : 5000 pp


Year of Publishing : 1982


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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This series of 18 volumes on Indian Education encompasses a vast panorama of topics, developed from a historical perspective. The approach to the subject covers comprehensively and authoritatively the diverse aspects pertaining to education in India over the ages.

Beginning with the History of Education in Ancient India, the focus gradually shifts towards Medieval and Modern India. In the process, the different volumes deal with the impact of education on various factors such as, (i) Progress and Development,

(ii) The Social Economic milieu, (iii) The Religion, and (iv) The various sections of society. The initial volumes lay emphasis on topics such as the different periods and then general characteristics, the caste system end its significance, the evolution of Religion and its pedagogical aspects, education and the role of universities in Ancient and Medieval India. The later volumes move on to discuss education and its diversification under British rule. First, the subject matter draws up the aims of education and presents a detailed analysis of such aims, including their practicability. The forces resisting the separate of education are then highlighted such as certain conservative segments and out-moded customs and traditions. Next, the methods and machinery for implementation of educational policy are described in detail, with due stress being given to state control. The attention then shifts to National Education, with National ideals being predominant, and plans for educational reconstruction have being formulated on the basis of previous experience.

The salient feature of this series is the incisive analysis of diverse systems of education over the ages which enables the present educationalist to learn from their defects and deficiencies and then develop relevant and corrective measures for overcoming them.

This unique series on education will prove an invaluable asset for all persons connected with the field of education, educational psychology and other related subjects. Some of the books included in this series contain very rare and difficult to obtain data and information, which should prove useful in throwing light on hitherto unexplored areas of education and related aspects.

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