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Golden Wheel Dream Book Fortune-Teller

Being the Most Complete Work on Fortune-Telling and Interpreting Dreams.Containing an Alphabetical List of Dreams, with their Interpretation, and the Lucky Numbers they Signify


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ISBN : 9788129203601


Author : F. Fontaine


Pages : 200 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books

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Being the most complete work on fortune-telling and interpreting dreams ever printed, containing an alphabetical list of dreams, with their interpretation. Also the lucky numbers they sight.

Also explaining how to tell fortunes by the mysterious Golden Wheel with cards, dice, and dominoes. How to tell future events by the lines of the hands, by moles on the body, by the face, nails of the fingers, hair and shape of the head. How to find where to dig for water, coal, and all kinds of metals, by means of the celebrated divining or luck rod.

How to tell the temper and disposition of anybody, how to tell fortune with tea leaves and coffee grounds, signs of the moon’s age, lucky and unlucky days, together with charms to make your sweetheart love you, and to make a lover pop the question, with twenty ways of telling fortunes on new year’s eve, and a complete language and signification of the flowers.

This singular wheel was much consulted in the middle ages, and is said to have been used BY Cagliostro to aid him in his divinations. The author has selected it from an old Latin manuscript on Astrology, and translated it into English for the benefit of those of his readers who cannot read the former language.

The Golden Wheel of Fortune shows:
I. Whether you shall obtain the favor of the person you desire ?
II. If the querent shall meet with the preferment he wished for ?
III. Whether a sick person will recover ?
IV. If the said sickness will be long or short ?
V. Shall your expectation or wish succeed ?
VI. If it is good for you to marry or otherwise?
VII. Whether the friendship of a certain person will prove advantageous or not ?
VIII. Whether a person shall be rich or poor ? etc., etc.

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