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Garuda Purana


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ISBN : 8170200008


Volumes : Set in 3 Volumes


Author : M. N. Dutta


Pages : 1784 pp


Year of Publishing : 1984


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

One of the most precious gems from the treasury of Hindu mythological literature, the “Garuda Puranam” may also be described as a sister work to the “Agni Puranam”. Each of them treats of Para Vidya and Apara Vidya, secular knowledge and metaphysical truths, and elaborates more upon the nature of what a Brahmana was required to know at the time, than the Puranam proper. The significance of this work cannot be over emphasized as in addition to the many mystic rites and practices which legitimately fall within the range of studies in spiritualism the Garuda Puranam also contains three samhitas any one of which would give it a permanent value and accord to it an undying fame among the works of practical ethics or applied medicine. The Agastya Sanhita deals with the formation, crystallization and distinctive traits of the different precious gems. In the Brihaspati Sanhita, commonly known as the Nitisara, we find observations on practical conduct and a knowledge of human nature. The Dhanvantri Sanhita contains many excellent medical remedies which retain their relevance in modern times, also. This epic work justifiably claims to help men lift up the veil of Mother Nature’s workshop and to catch a view, however brief and momentary, of the nature and essence of things.

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