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Ahimsa and Non-Violence in Practice


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ISBN : 8177551388


Author : S. R. Sharma


Pages : 310 pp


Year of Publishing : 2003


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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• Interview with Gandhi
• Account of “Salt March”
• Ahimsa or The Way of Nonviolence • Education and Character Building: Role of Gandhian Institutions. • Curriculum on Non-violence and Peace. • Involving University Students in Peace Action and Conflict Resolution. • Gandhi, Nonviolence, and Social Order • The Eight Fundamentals of Democracy: A Gandhian Analysis. • The Gandhian Model of Nonviolent Social Order, Violence around and its solution
• Global Peace Movement: The Highest Stage of the Social Movements and the Impact of Gandhi, Emergence of the global peace movement.
• Gandhi’s Nonviolence and India Today, Anatomy of Violence, State Terrorism, Governmental Lawlessness, Police Violence, Political Violence, Criminalization, Societal Violence, Communalism, Terrorist Movement, Social Milieu and Gandhi’s nonviolence.
• Peace Research between Utopianism and Conventionalism: Violence and Nonviolence – The Gandhian Heritage, Gandhi and the cost of nonviolence. • The Modern Industrial-Military State: A Gandhian Analysis,
• Social Service for University Youth, Objectives of the Social Service, Planning and Development, Conditions for the success of the project, • Undermining Nonviolence: The Coming Role of New Police Technologies, New technologies of political control

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