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From Consciousness to Super Consciousness

Fundamentals of Indian Philosophical Psychology


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ISBN : 8170200253


Author : R. N. Vyas


Pages : 180 pp


Year of Publishing : 1984


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books

Indian Psychology is the oldest study of human mind. Unlike the modern psychology, it tries to fathom the secrets of human mind and lift it to the region of Super-consciousness. Indian psychology was never meant for a mere satisfaction of curiosity. It aims at guiding human mind to its proper aim of leading the self beyond the domain of anxieties and pains. That is why it is wedded to philosophy and Religion. Indian Psychology is essentially an aid to a Sadhaka who intends to rise to the state of the Super-conscious. It can indirectly bring health to the individual mind and sanity to society. The present work tries to present the essential aspects of Indian Psychology in a short but readable form. It also gives some readings from the original sources. To sum up, it is an ideal introduction to Indian Psychology for one and all.

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