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Fresco Painting

Its Art and Technique


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ISBN : 9788130716268


Author : J. Ward


Pages : 132 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hard Bound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

The author has endeavored in this treatise to place before students some practical hints in the methods and processes of fresco painting, which are the outcome of my experience in the practice of the “buon-fresco” and the “spirit-fresco” systems of wall decoration.

Brief Contents:
• The Relationship of Mural Painting to Architecture
• Mural Decoration—Systems and Methods
• Fresco-buono Process—Colours—
• Preparation of the Wall—Method of Execution
• Painting of Flesh and Draperies—
• Permanence of Buon-fresco
• Spirit Fresco Painting
• Technical Notes on the Composition, Colour, and Present
• State of Some Italian Frescos
• Fresco Paintings By Gozzoli and Perugino
• The Work of Pinturicchio and Ghirlandajo
• Frescos By Andrea Del Sarto, Luini, G. Ferrari, Raffaelle and Michael Angelo

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