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First Laboratoty Guide to Psychology


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ISBN : 9788130708812


Author : Collins, M. & Drever, J.


Pages : 130 pp


Year of Publishing : 2009


Binding : Hard Bound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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The purpose of this volume is to supply a laboratory guide which may be put in the hands of first-year students of Psychology. It is possibly a counsel of perfection to recommend that, in this as in other sciences, practical work should accompany theoretical lectures from the very beginning. It is at least certain that no first-year’s course without practical work can be regarded as satisfactory. The selection of the experiments included is based on the work actually done in the first-year’s course in the George Combe Psychological Laboratory. It is not intended that all the students should perform all the fifty experiments. Twenty experiments would appear to be as much as one can reasonably expect even the best students to carry out in an experimental course of not more than sixty hours, which may be taken as the normal period that can be devoted to experimental work during a first year in Psychology. The additional experiments described, therefore, will afford opportunity and scope for arranging a course suitable to the needs of the students and to the resources of the laboratory.

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