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Fight for Everest


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ISBN : 8170207002


Author : E.F. Norton


Pages : 372 pp


Year of Publishing : 1996


Binding : Hard Bound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

The is the story of a great question mark-an unanswered question regarding the conquest of Everest! Did Mallory and lrvine reach the summit in the 1924 expedition? The first hand account by their team mate, Col. Norton, who believes they did, describes the minute details of that historic expedition, in an attempt to answer this question. One may not really know what actually happened? But this story of the tremendous efforts and the persistence of those men of courage who stopped at nothing to achieve their goal, is a breathtaking chronicle, one which the reader may find difficult to put down. This book is also the story of the researches and efforts, the many trails and experiments directed towards solving the problem of transporting the human body to such a high altitude. This account of the ‘step by step advancement towards the ultimate goal-makes a fascinating history of the triumph of the human spirit, of one of man’s most remarkable achievements. A saga of human endeavour which will remain a classic for all times to come.

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