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Feminist Approach to Religion

Ancient Religion, Women's role, Rituals, Spectral Sexualities, Feminist Perspective to Religious systems


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ISBN : 9788130703335


Author : S. M. Channa


Pages : 300 pp


Year of Publishing : 2006


Binding : Hard Bound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

* Forest and Pastoral Goddesses: Indep¬endence and Assimilation Gunther-Dietz
* Women and Religion in Ancient Egypt
BarbaraS. Lesko
* The Seduction of Eve and Feminist reading of the Garden of Eden
* Women in Ancient Christianity: The New Discoveries Karen
L. King
* The Roles for Women
Elizabeth Clark
* Hidden Worship: the Religious Rituals of Orthodox Jewish Women
* Secularization, Laicization, and Challenges to Feminist Reform in the Islamic World Jamal
J. Elias
* Fundamental Misunderstandings: Issues in Feminist Approaches to Islamism
Bronwyn Winter
* Gender, Body and the Sacred: Heterosexual Hegemony as a Sacred Order
* Sati Worship and Marwari Public Identity in India
Anne Hardgrove
* Spectral Sexualities: Nineteenth-Century Spiritualism, Moral Panic and the making of U.S. obscenity Law
Molly McGarry

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