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Female Education

A Study of Rural India


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ISBN : 8177552074


Author : V. Korishetti


Pages : 326 pp


Year of Publishing : 2002


Binding : Hard Bound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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Women constitute the depressed section in modern society. All over the world, especially in the third world, one experiences a distinct tendency among grown up people to treat a girl very differently from a boy. She continue to be neglected at all levels. The movement for improving women’s status has always emphasized education as the most significant instrument for social change.

This book examines the attitude of Indians rural parents towards their daughter’s education in social context. It is an empirical study, based on the vast data collected during the fieldwork by the researcher (author). It throws light on the education of girls in a village in Northern Karnataka. It investigates how far the Indian rural system is disposed towards female education. It tried to trace the impact of family, economic, caste and value system on the aspiration of rural parents for female education.

The book will be of immense use to doctoral students who are virtually interested in the use of statistical methods in social science. This book has a strong component of statiscally testing. Many times Sociology scholars hesitate to make use of statistical testing for drawing inferences. Author carried out statistical technique such as chi-square tests, F-tests, t-tests. One of the salient feature of this book is, attitude scale. The attitude scale was constructed to measure the attitude of parents towards value orientation related to female education.

It is an important contribution to the topic of female education. It relates well to the academic literature on this topic. It is of great use for the students of Sociology, as it deals with Sociology of education, a branch of Sociology. It studies how education is related with other institutions like family religion, caste, economic institutions.

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