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Family Marriage and Social Change on the Indian Fringe


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ISBN : 8170201926


Author : S. M. Dubey


Pages : 290 pp


Year of Publishing : 1980


Binding : Hard Bound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

The papers of this volume are organised in such a manner so that they could highlight the contextual and empirical aspects of Family, Marriage, Kinship and Social Change on the Indian Fringe. For purpose of analysis the book is divided into three parts, consisting of Concepts and Regions, Family-Marriage, and Social Change. The Fringe has been used here in territorial as well as cultural context, and both are of special significance for sociological researches. The communities living on the fringe experience peculiar historical, cultural, political and economic situations which, perhaps, the other groups living within the same culture, society or nation may not experience. There experiences are bound to be reflected in their Institutional frame work, organizational patterns, customs artifacts, language and behavioural modes. Twenty two renowned Sociologist and Anthropologists have contributed their articles in this book covering such important topics as the Himalayas a Frontier, The life style and customs of Bhutanese people, Marriage and Family among the Chorais, Aspects of Urbanisation in the Garo Hills, Changing village Scene in Assam, Trends of urbanization in Assam and Tribal Movement and conflict resolution in Nagaland, besides other highly informatory articles.

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