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Family and Marriage

A Critical Appraisal


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ISBN : 8170208068


Author : S. M. Channa


Pages : 376 pp


Year of Publishing : 1998


Binding : Hard Bound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

• Agnatic Descent and Endogamy: A Note.
• Disappearance of the Incest Taboo: A Cross Cultural Test of General Evolutionary Hypotheses.
• Elder Sister’s Daughter’s Marriage in South Asia.
• ETIC Variations on Fosterage and Adoption.
• FBD Marriage: Further Support for the Westermarck Hypothesis of the Incest Taboo?
• Kwoma Death Payments and Alliance Theory.
• Matrilocal Residence and Nonsororal Polygyny: A Case from the Comoro Islands.
• Men Who Are Called “Women” in Toba-Batak: Marriage, Fundamental, Sex-Role Differences, and the Suitability of the Gloss “Wife-Receiver”.
• Pahari and Tibetan Polyandry Revisited
• Rethinking the Consanguineal Household and Matrifocality.
• Socioeconomic Consequences of Stem Family Composition in a Thai Village.
• The Westermarck Hypothesis and First Cousin Marriage: The Cultural Modification of Negative Sexual Imprinting.

Michel Verdon • Gregory C .Leavitt • Anthony Good • Arvilla C.Payne-Price • Justine McCabe • Ross Bowden • Martin Ottenheimer • Harriet Ottenheimer • D. George Sherman • Melvyn C. Goldstein • Nancie Loudon Gonzalez • Brian L. Foster • Carroll McC. Pastner.

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