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Experimental Pedagogy and the Psychology of the Child


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ISBN : 9788130718163


Author : By Édouard Claparède Translated from the Fourth Edition of “PsychologieDe I’Enfant et Pédagogie Expérimentale”
By Mary Louch and Henry Holman


Pages : 336 pp


Year of Publishing : 2019


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

The author, taking interest as the fundamental principle of mental activity, has sought to orientate the teacher in the field of child-psychology and experimental pedagogy. The exposition is extremely orderly and systematic; every chapter classifies and classifies again; indeed, the book may be considered as a sort of subject-index of problems and methods, made out in the service of the doctrine of interest. — By Dr. W. Jenkins, in The American Journal of Psychology, published by the University of Illinois Press

“but in translating a work so simple, comprehensive, and scientific, and by an author with such a great reputation for his work in Experimental Psychology, they are convinced that they have attempted something that was well worth doing. There is, so far as the translators know, no book which covers the same ground in the same way; and, in their opinion, such a book has long been wanted, and will be eagerly welcomed by those who are concerned to know what Child-study really means, and how to take part in it. It is a book which should help teachers in the schoolroom and parents in the home”.
Extract from the Translator’s Introduction

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