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Evidence of Immortality


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ISBN : 9788129203748


Author : A. A. Jerome


Pages : 160 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo books

This essay is an examination from a scientific viewpoint in to the probability of the continued existence of human life after the death of the body. Of course, by scientific is meant the light of reason applied to the phenomena of life—not a demonstration by means of the microscope or balances. Perhaps philosophical would be a better word to use in describing its method, but as all true science is philosophical and all true philosophy scientific, the writer is not disposed to insist too strongly upon the term used. It is believed that a careful analysis of undisputed phenomena of existence, which have been perhaps overlooked, or which have not been assigned their proper importance, will establish the truth of the persistence of life beyond the grave as certainly as any other fact of existence. It will assuredly place it upon a much firmer basis than that enjoyed by many of the accepted scientific hypotheses, such as those which attempt to prove the existence and functions of the ether, atoms, matter itself, etc.

Certainly, there can be no topic of greater or more profound interest to the human mind than that of its own survival after death. But, as is so often the case, the proof has been sought for afar when it lay immediately at hand; has been accredited to divine revelation in books, instead of to divine revelations in nature. The writer is willing to go so far as to assert that if the proof of the existence of the soul after death be not demonstrable from the phenomena of this present life by cold-blooded, scientific reasoning from the known to the unknown, then it is a chimera, and we may as well relegate it to the dogmatist and fanatic, and have done with it forever. In this assertion he is in perfect sympathy with the thought in Hegel’s mind when he wrote, “All that God is he imparts and reveals, and He does so at first in and through nature.” All mysteries stand revealed first, last, and all the time, in nature, had we but eyes to see and hearts to comprehend. So, let us seek in nature for the answer to this problem, Do we live after death?
Author’s Introduction

Chapter I
The Exaggerated Importance of Thought
Chapter II
Chapter III
Thought and Imagination
Chapter IV
Thought, Reason, Intuition, Instinct, and Feeling
Chapter V
Effect of Death Upon the Consciousness of Life
Chapter VI
Effect of Death Upon the Senses
Chapter VII
Effect if Death Upon the Desire-consciousness
Chapter VIII
Effect of Death Upon Thought and Imagination
Chapter IX
Effect of Death Upon Intuition and Feelings
Chapter X
The Mortal and the Immortal Man
Chapter XI
The Process of Death
Chapter XII
The Re-embodiment of the Soul
Chapter XIII
The Nature of the Soul
Chapter XIV
Can the Dead Communicate?
Chapter XV
The Home of the Soul
Appendix I
In Deeper Dreamland
Appendix II
The World’s Crucified Saviours

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