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Esoteric Healing

The Sacred Art of Healing


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ISBN : 8129200279


Author : A. Bailey


Pages : 350 pp


Year of Publishing : 2003


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo books

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Around the world, increasing number of people are turning to Esoteric methods as a means of keeping fit and understanding disease. In this comprehensive and practical guide Alice Bailey, the world’s leading figure in Esoteric methods, provides his unique and holistic approach to Healing. This book is much more valuable than it may first seem, being one among many Alice Bailey books with a lot of challenge for the disciple on the Path. It is also a useful tool for healing groups; especially those performing “absent healing” or “rescue” work. We all want to have perfect health. This book explains that health is closely related to the relation between higher self and lower self of the patient. If there is discord between higher and lower aspects of the person illness results. Is healing as simple as aligning the patient’s inner self so that higher and lower self are not at war with each other? At one level it is that simple, but at the practical level there are obviously rules and techniques to be acquired and practiced by the healer. This book sets down “rules” and “laws” for esoteric healing.

The fruits of the book are in that it holds the practical, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual keys to healing.

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