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Encylopaedia of Sociology of Politics


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ISBN : 8170209765


Volumes : Set in 3 Volumes


Author : K. Motwani & R.D. Saksena


Pages : 1100 pp


Year of Publishing : 2000


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

Political Sociology deals with sociology of power relations. It concerns the distribution and control of resources in the society, and how different social groups are placed vis-à-vis each other in the hierarchy of social relations. Essentially, it is concerned with the study of the distribution of power in a given society or community, the processes associated with it and the changes it undergoes over a period of time. This Encyclopaedia of Sociology of Politics discusses the nature and characteristics of political systems and the problems and methods involving in studying them. It has also pointed out the inadequacies of the concepts and theories and explain the problems of world politics. Several scholars from western countries like Schumpeterdahl, Apter, Max Weber, Karl Marx, Talcott Parsons, who devoted their attention to the discussion of the study of political sociology, are discussed in great length. There are a few surveys of research in the field of political sociology, which are pointed out thematically in this work. The articles included in this Encyclopaedia covers all the theoretical and practical perspectives of the political sociology viz., Nationalism Vs Internationalism, Communication Research and Public Policy, Political Constitution and Character, Policy and the Intelligence function, Sociology of Politics, political Sociology, Political Economy, Political Analysis, Nature of States in Ancient and Modern Society. The Vocation of propagandists, Style in Political Communication, The Psychology of Hitlerism, Politics personality and Culture especially in American Case, Factions, The choice of Sanctioning Norms and so on. Thus the articles which are included in this pioneering work covers most dimensions of the major themes of the Political Sociology. On the whole, this Encyclopaedia of Sociology of Politics, providing a balance between practical and theoretical issues and concerns The work will form essential reading for Sociologist, Anthropologists, Economist, Policy makers, Political Scientists and for scholars and students.

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