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Encyclopaedia of Sociology of Education


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ISBN : 8177557041


Volumes : Set in 2 Volumes


Author : Paul Monroe


Pages : 700 pp


Year of Publishing : 20058


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

With topics ranging from adolescence and schools to educational assessment, working parents, and race and gender inequality, this stimulating, well-developed compilation of essays covering the common ground between education and sociology is sure to satisfy both educators and researche Over 100 contributors offer a variety of perspectives, highlighting key topics like affirmative education, Catholic schools, the economics of education, home schooling, and social aspects of teaching. Developed from the parent encyclopaedia, titled “International Encyclopaedia of Education”, this is a book that goes beyond simplistic definitions, effectively articulating historical perspective, research, pedagogic discourse, and directions for further discussion and research. The alphabetical listing of topics will help beginners as well as ardent researchers concentrate on areas of interest. A unique compilation that is international in scope; recommended for academic libraries, schools of education and sociology, and public libraries seeking to offer a broad overview of current topics in these disciplines. This unique encyclopedia is an incomparable title for today’s educational researchers and will prove to be insightful with the continuing studies in sociology of education and sociology and education.

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