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Encyclopaedia of Islamic Scholars and Scientists

Including Entries Prepared by a number of Leading Orientalists and Modern Islamic Scholars


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ISBN : 9781619520059


Volumes : Set in 5 Volumes


Author : Edited by M. TH. Houtsma, T.W. Arnold, R. Basset and R. Hartmann


Pages : 1750 pp


Year of Publishing : 2013


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Impact Global Publishing Inc. USA

Muslim scientists and scholars have contributed immensely to human knowledge especially in the period between 8th and 14th century CE. However, their contributions have been largely ignored, forgotten or have gone un-acknowledged. Encyclopaedia of Islamic Scholars and Scientists, perhaps for the first time, in a published form, brings together such a comprehensive galaxy of illustrious Muslims who have contributed greatly to the development of scholarship across a diverse field of subjects ranging from Arts and Humanities, Philosophy and Religion, Sciences – Applied and Pure, Literature and Linguistics, Jurisprudence and Economy, Poetry and Prose, Medicine and Surgery, Astronomy and Geo-Sciences, Engineering, Politics, and so on. The entries, numbering about a thousand, are written by some of the foremost scholars on Islam, and provide immense amount of bibliographical material, which in itself is so scarce. It is hoped that the Encyclopaedia of Islamic Scholars and Scientists will fill a great need felt by the scholars, readers, researchers, and students for a long time.

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