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Encyclopaedia of Great Thinkers on Education


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ISBN : 8177553879


Volumes : Set in 4 Volumes


Author : Paul Monroe


Pages : 1600 pp


Year of Publishing : 2002


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

The set reproduces in a convenient and otherwise unavailable format the important and rare biographies of all times and from all countries of the world. The vast and detailed information contained in such biographical reference works makes them invaluable research tools for the confirmation of historical, political, social and cultural facts. Furthermore, works specialised by subject, profession and geographic area as well as those published before 1800 are now extremely difficult to locate. And, although more recent biographical reference works can be found in many libraries, researchers are often dismayed to discover many individuals are not considered “worthy” of an entry in these widely available works. Careful research has produced listing of the most important and informative biographical reference source works. The ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF GREAT THINKERS OF EDUCATION contains a wealth of biographical data of individuals from the earliest times through to personages of the early twentieth century. Individuals of every class, religious affiliation, ethnic group, profession and state are included: statesmen, politicians, soldiers, industrialists, scientists, scholars, clerics, reformers, missionaries, poets, and numerous other men and women of local, national and international importance who were associated with Education at some point in their lives have been included. No individual has been omitted for being obscure or lacking in importance. The result, therefore, provides extraordinary opportunities to the general public for research and biographical reference. Cosmo’s editorial input – the compilation of all entries from numerous sources as well as the addition of extensive cross references – makes the ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF GREAT THINKERS OF EDUCATION unique in its convenience to the user. It is probably the first work of this comprehensive nature, drawn from the extensive works of the incomparable Paul Monroe.

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