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Elite Forces of India


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ISBN : 8170205758


Volumes : Set in 2 Volumes


Author : Shah, G. R.


Pages : 476 pp


Year of Publishing : 1994


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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The Elite or Special Forces have multiplied all over the world since the end of World War II, as the troubled planet entered a period of “Violent Peace” featuring “Small” wars of national liberation, riots and acts of lawlessness waged by different communities all over the world in general and Indian subcontinent in particular. These wars gradually turned violent and subsequently adopted terrorist methods. It is to help curb this insidious increase that many of today’s elite forces have been established and are organised and trained to combat the challenges created by anti nationalist, fissiparous and disruptive forces. ‘Elite’ of course, is simply one of several ways to describe special or unconventional military and para Military formations. Other labels that have been applied are Commando, Para-troops, Guerilla, Rapid Action Force and Task Force or special operation forces. Whatever, the choice of designation these forces have always had an important role to play in the nation’s internal security. This authoritative two volume book containing a tribute to these courageous forces and a detailed examination of many of their operations, the special weapons used and descriptions of some of the most notorious activists engaged in by terrorist groups is essential so that we know who are they and how elite forces are fighting them.

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