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Elementary Sanskrit Grammar

With a Supplementary Dhatukosh


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ISBN : 8170202833


Author : Thaibaut, G.


Pages : 226 pp


Year of Publishing : 1985


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

This elementary grammar has been compiled mainly for two considerations. In the first place it has been the aim to render the grammar as simple as possible and make it a useful text book for the use by the students. The second aim has been to cast the grammatical matter in a form which will not resent too many difficulties to teachers. The author has endevoured to make the student not only easily recognize and analyse the grammatical forms when he meets with them in literature but also to reproduce and apply them accurately for the purposes of translation into, and composition in, Sanskrit. The book also makes free use of the technical terms with the corresponding English ones making the teaching process easy for the teachers. The book also contains DHATUKOSHA. The book indeed is an invaluable tool to the reading and learning of the Sanskrit Language for Indian as well as foreign students. The book also would contribute to make Sanskrit more popular.

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