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Educational Theory

Classical Resources


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ISBN : 978813070174x


Volumes : Set in 8 Volumes in 9 Parts


Author : Several


Pages : 3000 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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Educational Theories, offers a comprehensive overview of the most notable approaches to education throughout Western history. Exploring not only the still famous theories of early educationists and writers on the subject, this work also touches on techniques in education which are either no longer prevalent or in some cases were never widely adopted or appreciated. This series of classical works will be of value to those intrigued by the potential of past attitudes for present-day application, as well as to those unconvinced by contemporary approaches.
The series includes classic resources:
1. Contemporary Education. Its Principles and Practices
Klapper, P.
2. Our Common-School Education: with a Digression on the College Course.
Hinsdale, B. A.
3.I Systematic Education, Part 1
Lant. C.
3.II Systematic Education: On Elementary Instruction in the various departments of Literature and Science; with Practical rules for studying each branch of useful knowledge, Part 2
Shepherd, W & Lant. C.
4. Principles and Practice of Teaching,
Johonnot, J.
5. Theory and Practice of Teaching,
Thring, E.
6. Elementary Principles of Education,
Spurzheim, J. G.
7. Language Learning,
8. Essays on the Teaching of History,
Poole & Tanner

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