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Educational Psychology

Windows on Teaching


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ISBN : 9788130709628


Author : T. Crewel


Pages : 186 pp


Year of Publishing : 2009


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

In writing this volume the authors have attempted to prepare a text that will be an effective instrument for the training of teachers, rather than to promulgate any new psychological theory or to present an encyclopaedia summery of the results of investigations in the field of educational psychology. The authors have planned the organization of the volume carefully so as to focus the student’s attention upon only those topics which are considered absolutely necessary for the complete and comprehensive understanding of the subject. Numerous cross-references will aid the students in integrating his learning. The Learning Exercises for the Reader which appear at the ends of several chapters are an integral part of the text and will serve as an efficient basis for much needed supplement activity to the classroom learning. Although this volume has been prepared as one unit of a series it may be used independently, as the usefulness of the volume is not limited to training the secondary teaches Most of the topics of educational psychology apply to the elementary school as well as to the high school.

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