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Education of the Ne’er-Do-Well


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ISBN : 9788130718149


Author : Dooley, W.H. & Suzzallo, H.


Pages :


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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During the last ten years, the author has had considerable experience dealing with the problem of the large number of boys and girls of limited ability who have to leave school early, and who, under the prevailing system, fall into “blind-alley” jobs without the possibility of advancing in school or receiving a parallel enlightenment which will make life, as a whole, significant. The subject is presented first in a complete analysis of the problem from the social and economic side, then from the personal or psychological side; followed by a study of experience on the subject, ending with very concrete suggestions as to how the problem is to be handled with every educational phase in mind. This book is written to offer suggestions as to how to meet this educational problem.

Editor’s Introduction
I. The Neglected Ne’er-Do-Well
II. The Qualities of the Ne’er-Do-Well
III. The Traditional School’s Failure to Adapt
IV. The Special Needs of this Class
V. Educational Adaptations Abroad
VI. Some American Experiments
VII. A Constructive Program

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