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Education of the Deaf

A Manual for Teachers


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ISBN : 9788130718026


Author : Abraham Farrar


Pages : 502 pp


Year of Publishing : 2019


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

The original edition of Arnold’s Education of Deaf-Mutes; A Manual for Teachers, published by the College of Teachers of the Deaf, having become exhausted, Mr. A Farrar was invited by the Committee of that body to undertake the publication of a new and revised edition of that work. The utility in this new edition has substantially been increased, as well as by (1) a better division and arrangement of the contents, so as to facilitate study and reference, (2) abridging or re-writing such parts as were considered to require it, and (3) eliminating superfluous or irrelevant matter, and in some cases substituting what is likely to prove more useful.

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