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Education and Democratic Values


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ISBN : 8130702754


Author : S. R. Sharma


Pages : 352 pp


Year of Publishing : 2006


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books

• Education and Democratic Values
• Education for Social Order
• School, State, and Community
• The School and the Religious freedom
• Equality and Quality in Education. Equality without Quality. Quality with Equality. The Union of Equality and Quality in Education.
• Education and Social Reconstruction
• Religious and Spiritual Education
• Need for Values
• Education and Present Conditions
• Man, Society and Education
• Education and Democracy Hindu Dharma
• Early Indian Philosophy and Education
• State and Education
• Official Policy and Documents
• Pre-independence Period
• Official Policy and Documents after Independence
• A Retrospect
• Kant and Human Values
• Autonomy as a Value
• Rights as Values
• Creativity as Values
• Value of Freedom
• School Administration
• The Business Model
• Educational Bureaucracy
• Democratic Normative for School Administration
• Education as the Discipline of Democratic Character
• Integrity
• Self-Other Realization
• Methodological Discipline
• Artistic-Aesthetic Quality
• The Religious Attitude
• Equally as Value
• Utilitarianism and Value Education
• Educational Method and the Qualities of Democratic Experience
• The Conception of Educational Method
• Freedom and Authority in Education
• The Cultivation of Aesthetic and Artistic Quality in Experience the Cultivation of Religious Quality in Experience

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