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Dictionary of United States History


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ISBN : 978813070434x


Volumes : Set in 2 Volumes


Author : J. J. Franklon


Pages : 734 pp


Year of Publishing : 2006


Binding : Hardbound



The preparation of this book was due to the belief that a Dictionary of United States History, in which the facts of history should be concisely stated, in alphabetical form, for ready reference, would be useful to the large and increasing number of readers. Usefulness, comprehensiveness, and accuracy, therefore, have been the foremost considerations during the preparation of the work. The dictionary will be found to be the most comprehensive source of information on a wide range of subjects, such as – political occurrences, wars and insurrections, battles, sieges; colonies and settlements; colonizing companies; several States and Territories; cities and towns of historical importance; famous communities; political parties and factions; government, its departments, institutions and constituents; judiciary, including noted cases of historical importance; Indian tribes; historical laws and treaties; diplomatic and international relations; educational institutions and learned societies; media and development of journalism; historical biography; economic relations, policies and treaties; etc.
This is indeed an indispensable tool of reference for any book-shelf.

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