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Dictionary of the Pali Language


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ISBN : 8170201101


Author : R. C. Childres


Pages : 668 pp


Year of Publishing : 1980


Binding : Hardbound



The Pali language is one of the Prakrit or Aryan vernaculars of ancient India. It was spoken in the sixth century before Christ and great many Buddhist scriptures were written in this language. The existing Pali literature is of great extent and importance.
It is valuable alike to the philologist, the historian, the student of folklore and comparative Religion. The first edition of the Dictionary of Pali language appeared in 1875. In this monumental work by the great scholar, Robert Caesar Childers, we find a number of linguistic evidences, which consist of an analysis of words in the form and use of tenses, of syntax and of vocabulary. Moreover, we find a great number of examples and sentences using single words. Many words are miniature essays and are extremely useful and helpful to read and understand the early Buddhist treatise. It was indeed a gratifying experience for the publishers to have undertaken the reprint of this most valuable reference work on Pali language and it is hoped that it will serve the scholarly needs of not only stu¬dents and scholars of this language but others too in understanding the early Buddhist scriptures.

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