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Dharma Samagraha

An Ancient Collection of Buddhist Technical Terms


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ISBN : 8170201225


Author : M. M. Kasiwara


Pages : 100 pp


Year of Publishing : 1981


Binding : Hardbound



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This edition of Dharam Samgraha with Critical notes, Appendices and Indies will, it is hoped, serve as a lasting monument of a most conscientious, laborious and amiable Buddhist scholar, Kenjiu Kasawara, who was an illustrious pupil of Dr. F. Max Muller. The Dharam Samgraha, an ancient glossary of Buddhist technical terms ascribed to NAGARAJUNA, contains a long list of technical terms, which solves one the greatest difficulties to the students of Buddhism to understand the finer points of Buddhist literature. While reading this and other Sanskrit Text, the author prepared a large number of notes on the ANGAS, DEVIS, RAKSHAS, The ten Krodhas, the six Yoginis and on HINAYANA and MAHAYANA, along with Chinese texts. The quotations from the MAHAVYUTPATTI, the ABHIDHA-RAMAKOSA and other Chinese texts have been made use of by the author extensively. The general order of quotations is that the Pali words are followed by the Sanskrit words, then by Buddhist Sanskrit words and their Tibetan translation, the Pali sources, and finally the European authorities. This critical edition of the Dharam Samgrahs contains Sanskrit text, with copious critical notes and translation with detailed references, besides title of the sections alphabetically arranged, and Index of words occurring in the text. It is hoped that this edition will serve the student and scholar of Buddhist literature.

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